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Custom Order Form

Custom Order Form

Custom Words/Letters Stencils

To have your own Custom Stencil created, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote and a purchase page where you can place your order.  Once the order has been placed, we will create the stencil design and send it for your approval.  After it’s been approved by you, we’ll make the stencil and mail it out.

Start Your Order – See Examples – More on Sizes & Prices – Other FAQs

Form Instructions: Follow the Steps


Step 1: Choose a Stencil Font
Using the drop-down menu, select the Font style you want your letters
or words to be in. When you do, an image of that font will appear
below in the “Font Preview” area. Choose the font that
works best for you. Different fonts have different letter widths
as well.
Step 2: Choose a Material
Using the drop-down menu, select the Material Type for your stencil.
The Material type affects the price of the letters, so you must
choose this option before Step 3.For Help selecting a Material type, visit the
Materials Guide.
Step 3: Choose a Size
Using the drop-down menu, select the Size of the height you want
your letters or words to be. The drop-down menu also displays
the price for each Character in that particular size. For more
info, see How Stencil
Sizes are Determined.

Step 4: Choose a Cutout Type
Using the drop-down menu, select from the choices of “Individual
Letters” or “Complete Words”. The choice determines
if you want each letter cut out separately or if you want the words
cutout as a single stencil. Click on the “More Info” button
in the form for an example.
Step 5: Enter your Letters/Words
Use the empty text field to enter the letters or words you want
as stencils. Spaces won’t count as stencils and you won’t be
charged for spaces.After you’ve done this, click “Update” and a Preview
of your stencil will appear in the “Stencil Preview Area”
Step 6: Update and Revise
After completing steps 1-5 you can now click the “Update”
button at the bottom of the form. Now review the Stencil Preview,
the Order Details, and the price. If you make changes to any of
the Steps, just click “Update” again and the changes
will appear.
Step 7: Continue with Purchase
After you click “Update” and you’re satisfied with
your order, you can now click the “Continue with Purchase”
button on the bottom right corner of the form. This will advance
you to the “Order Purchase Review” page.

Step 8: Review and Buy
On the Review page you can now choose to “Add to Cart”
or “Buy Now”. Add to Cart allows you to accumulate multiple
orders before making the final purchase. The Buy Now button allows
you to quickly make the purchase without returning to add more
items to your cart.