Easter Bunny Tracks Stencil


Easter Bunny Tracks Stencil
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Sizes are of 1 single foot, you get two with each order.


Product Description

This is a Stencil of a Easter Bunny Tracks Design.

Each order is a set of 2 Bunny Tracks, the right foot and the left foot.  The size listed is for one single foot, but you get both.  Each foot is cut out separate, so you can set the distance in your tracks.

To create Easter Bunny tracks, use either Baking Soda, Baby Powder, or Flour.  You can easily vacuum up the tracks afterwards.

This stencil is available in 2 Stencil Materials:
ClearCut 7mil & Standard 10mil
Email Us if you need a specific size.

Additional Information


2" x 3.5", 2.5" x 4.3", 3.75" x 6.5", 4.75" x 8.2", 5.2" x 9"


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